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anyone have a free generic lease agreement?

Hey gang!  1st time landlord here.    I found a generic landlord-tenant agreement for California online and was planning on adapting it for Massachusetts.  But I have NO CLUE if it can be trusted.    Would anyone be willing to: 1) take a look at it and leave comments or  2) post the one you use?  I copy and pasted below the document itself.  Thanks!  ***  Agreement To Rent Or Lease  This Agreement is made and entered into between ___________________________, hereinafter “Owner” and (names of all Residents and names and ages of children to reside on the premises):   Resident  ______________________________(Age)__________        Resident  _______________________________(Age)_________   Resident  _______________________________(Age)_________        Resident  _______________________________(Age)________  Hereinafter “Resident.” The word Resident as used herein shall include the singular as well as the plural. Subject to the terms and conditions below, Owner rents to Resident, and Resident rents from Owner, for residential purposes only, the premises known as:  _________________________________________________________________________ Unit # __________________(if applicable)  in the City of ___________________________________________________________________, California ____________________   Owner and Resident mutually agree as follows:  TERM  The term of the rental shall begin on ___________________________, and shall continue as follows subject to the payment of rent for one month and the security deposit:  (check one)   ¿ For a period of ______ months and ______ days thereafter expiring on _____/______/_____  (The expiration date). Renewal of the term shall be as described in Paragraph 22 of this Agreement (A Fixed Term Lease). ¿ On a periodic tenancy basis, terminable by either party by the giving of a written notice pursuant to Paragraph 22 of this Agreement (A Periodic Tenancy).   RENT  Resident shall pay to Owner the Monthly rent of $________________, in advance on or before the ________ day of each month without deduction or offset. On signing this Agreement Resident shall pay one full month’s rent in the form of a cashier’s check or money order only. The rent for the partial month’s prior shall be prorated on the basis of a 30-day month and shall be paid on or before the next rental due date. SECURITY DEPOSIT  On signing this Agreement, Resident shall pay to Owner the sum of $_________ as a deposit to secure Resident’s performance of the covenants contained herein. No part of this deposit is to be considered as an advance payment of rent, including last months’ rent, nor is it to be used for refunded prior to the leased premises being permanently and totally vacated by all Residents. After Resident has vacated the premises, Owner shall furnish Resident with an itemized written statement of the basis for, and the amount of, any of the security deposit retained by Owner. Owner may withhold that portion of Resident’s security deposit necessary (a) to remedy any default by Resident in the payment of rent or any other provision of this Agreement, (b) to repair damages to the premises, to include repainting, but exclusive of ordinary wear and tear, and (c) to remove trash and clean the premises to meet Owner’s re-rental standards, as provided by law. The unused portion of this deposit shall be returned to Resident without interest, according to law.   OCCUPANCY  Resident agrees that the premises are to be used as a private residence for Resident listed herein, for a total of _________ adults and ________ child/children and by no other persons and for no other reason. Guest may not stay more than 14 consecutive days in any six month period without the prior written consent of Owner.   LATE CHARGE / RETURNED CHECKS  Resident acknowledges that Owner will incur certain administrative cost in connection with late Rental payment, and that the amount of such administrative cost would be difficult or i
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JD, I have always used a state specific lease... always a bit concerned when I see free. Considering each state has it's own rental laws, you might want to consider using one for the state you are renting in.
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