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Tenant in violation of RCW 43.44.110(4) failure to maintain smoke detectors

Tenant admittedly tampered with, removed and now lost smoke detectors which were in good working order at commencement of lease.  Per RCW 43.44.110(4) a fine of not more that $200 is imposed for failure to comply with the provisions of said RCW.  Failure to maintain the smoke detector is also grounds for termination of tenancy.  Who imposes the fine - the landlord or other (fire) authorities?  Is the fine imposable immediately or does it need to be served with a 10-day notice to comply?  Tenant admitted to removing smoke detectors soon after January move-in (it is now June).
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I believe you must first send a notice, if the Tenant does not comply- they are then in violation of their lease agreement. In which you may then start the eviction process.
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