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Tenant asking for proof...

We recently had tenants (4½ years) move out of our property.  They always paid on time but left a few things damaged and the carpet needed some really good cleaning.  We provided an itemized statement of these to them within the 30-day time frame for Texas.  They came back and now want proof/receipts of the charges.  As I understand it, we do not have to provide them proof.  The bad part is that we have pictures of the damages but no receipts for the carpet cleaning (we just estimated) because we did it ourselves.  How do we respond to the tenant?  Please help!
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I should clarify for you:  we charged $250 for carpet cleaning, $150 for repair of lawn (they drove their vehicles into it), $125 for replacement of linoleum tiles, $30 for two broken speakers (we left a surround sound system there and they cut the wires out of the ceiling), and $250 for mildew from not reporting a hole in the weatherhead on side of house (they claim they didn't know about it but it actually cost $2000 to repair and we just charged some for the fact it caused significant damage).  Are we out of line?
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