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How long to wait for legal action went rent is late?

I'm a PA landlord.  Rent is due on first of the month, and the grace period expires at 6 pm on the sixth of each month.  How long do I need to wait after the grace period expires before I can file a legal complaint?

Sorry for the title typo...Did it on my iPhone.
I file mine on the 15th, not sure about PA law or if there are other legal considerations in your state.
I would start with 10 day notice on the 7th day. I give them 5 days, payments after is a $50.00 fee. and would give the 10 day notice to pay or quit. .
$50.00 late fee
Can the 10 day notice be an email, or does it have to be a certified letter?  
I would sent certified.  If the tenant claims they didn't get the email, you don't have recourse.
You can post notice on there door.
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