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Trustee's Sale and Rent Payment

I'm a tenant in a property that was foreclosed on.  I paid my full rent of $1,000 on May 1.  The trustee's sale was on May 17.  The house went back to the bank.  Does the old owner have to give me back the rent I paid for May 18-31 - he is not the owner of the property anymore - the bank is.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  

Hmm... it seems you would either pay the bank or the previous owner. It may be a more of a headache trying to find out who you actually pay for that time frame, then just letting it be.
karen - thanks for your response, but that's not what I asked.  I've already paid the whole month of May to the previous owner.  The previous owner only legally owned the house until the 17th of May.  He is not entitled to keep the remainder of May's rent because the house is now legally owned by the bank.  Does he have to give me back the rent I paid for May 18-31?
Where you still living in the property for that time? My guess would be the bank won't try to collect any rent from you for that time and if the person just lost the home to foreclosure I wouldn't think they would have the money to return to you.
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