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damage to aluminum metal patio cover.

a storm tore the aluminum patio cover off . I don't want to replace it since it might blow off again here in Fla. the tenants are a month short of being out of lease. they are very "pushy" and demanding. we speak different languages -even with the interpretor, it is difficult communicating.. I am considering not renewing their lease. the same type of patio cover isnt made and would cost about $1000 for parts and labor. I usually collect the rent on the 3rd of the month-wont do that again. it is now 5july and they have not paid rent-I'm assuming they are withholding until repair is done-according to my attorney-they cant do this.    
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I would send them a late rent reminder, demad for payment. After you send that... then you would consider sending them a non renewal notice. But I would hold off until you get paid, or at least try to.
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