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Legal Obligation

Does anyone know what my legal obligation to someone who rented a room in my home, moved out, left some belongings  and is now, after 3 months, demanding access to my home to get the belongings back?

I would package up their items and mail them, or leave them outside for pick up. I am not sure what the legal obligations are though.
I have a similar question, how long does a landlord keep, store belongings left behind after a natural move out? problems, although tenants became pissy when they did not receive the entire deposit back, for cleaning and removing what I thought was trash ( their treasure ) but now tenants want access to retrieve items. I have new tenants and needed to remove torn, smelly couch and lazy boy chairs, clothing from washing machine etc. I accept that these items are some what personal, however they moved out! I've responded simply that I hired a cleaning crew 4 days after they moved for new tenants to move in. They believe that I did not give them enough time to move out thouroughy that final day. I asked that they be completely out by 7:30 p.m. Any ideas?
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