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squater on property

oregon laws state anyone that comes to you re home and spends a few days on youre couch is now able to become a tenant of that property and to remove them has to be given notice this is absurd. my question is if a person asks to move a moter home onto you re property for 2 wks  to put it up for sale as it had to be moved from where it was long story short foolishly i agreed it has been 8 months there is no paper trail what so ever the property is not a rental property my brother in law is in the dwelling watching the property as i have been unable to go home as i have become a full time caretaker of my eldery father at his residence  regardless this person has pluged in his moterhome  to my electicty moved in his broke down vehical an has gone into my locked shed used taken given away and sold my belongings and completly taken over my property a squater he acts like he owns the place and goes inside the dwelling without even knocking he has been told no living no hooking up to electric no more than 2 weeks i relize i should have taken care of this way sooner than now but i have so much on my plate that it was not high on my pryority list untill he has started to really have large kahonas and stealing entering ect... as if the property was his no money no contract nothing he is a absolut sponge trying to live the easy life off a working woman single mother with a full time job and a 24 hr caretaker i searved a72 hr written notice last night stating for him and his belongings vacate my property he is there without permission and has never been told he can be there i changed the lock on my house and told him if he enters he will be tresspassing i told him to remove his things from my once locked shed and i did leave the electric plugged in do you have any information anything to help me to make this eaiser and legal for myself besides the odveious an atturney as i cannot afford one whatsoever i have cotacted police this is civil and told to searve notice to vacate please help
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You really need to get some legal advise.
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