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I own a rental home. Another neighbor picks up and drops off a child that lives in my rental home. The other neighbor is suing me for a problem with our dogs. I do not want her on my property. Do I have the right to stop her from trespassing or does the tenant have more rights because he is paying rent? Do I have the right to keep someone off my property?

What is your dog doing at the rental property? Are you living there too? What is the problem with the dog?
My dog was not at the rental and no I dont live there. I live next door to my rental property. My dog and another neighbors dog got into a fight. Neither was hurt or had any injuries. Dogs will be dogs. The neighbor decided to make a big deal and called Animal Control and went to court to file a complaint. There is no leash law here so both dogs were at fault. To me it wasnt a big deal but now I have to go to court. This same neighbor picks up a child at my rental property to take her to the school bus stop and back home in the afternoons. I DO NOT want her on my property because of the headaches she is now causing me and God forbid something happen on my property, she will sue me again. Can I keep her off or does the tenant have the right to have her there?
That is the tenant's invited guest, not yours.  You allow the tenant to have guests, right?
I was afraid you were going to say  I was  hoping because  it is my property, I had a say in it. Thank You
Your renter has the right to invite anyone to the rental as long as nothing unlawful is noted……. It appears that neighbor has an attitude problem. When you go to court, speak only when spoken to by Judge. Bite your tongue when you feel like you want to interrupt. Judges don’t like interruptions. There’s a good chance she’ll get huffy and will ramble on about the dog. Be polite, keep your cool. Keep your story as short as possible.  Just state the facts and eliminate long explanations……Your only choice is to not renew the lease when it expires….. Good business practice is to make sure you carry liability insurance of 1 million $$$$, min. There are people in this world that are not nice and will do whatever they can to sue. Check with your insurance agent about cost. The insurance will probably cover you at home too…..Keep us posted as to what happens.  -----Disclaimer: Since I’ve been answering a lot of questions, I thought I would make the following statement. I’m not affiliated with EZlandlord Forms. I’m just here (not sure how long) to help those that have questions. Having 40+ yrs with Rental Property and done well, it’s my way of “Pay it Forward (check out the movie).” However, it is up to you to become familiar with your State/Local laws. I always like to know if the suggestions I offer are helpful. Feel free to comment anytime. Thanks in Advance.
Thank you Bob. Your information was very helpful. I read the Landlord/Tenant Act for my state but couldnt find anything concerning this matter. I also saw the movie "Pay It Forward". Great movie.....I will keep you posted. It will probably be 30 days before I have to go to court. I should be receiving a summons any day.
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