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Water Damage in California

We had a plastic line break on a sink under the cabinet in a second story apartment in Calfornia. It was a sudden and large leak which was not discovered by the tenant until several horus later. It flooded the apartment and garage below causing damage to the apartment and sheet rock in the garage below.We always take great care of the apartment and promptly fixed anything needing repair that we discover or is discovered by the tenant. The tenant has no rental insurance Two items:  1) Tenant expects us to compensate him/her for damage to personal property.  2) Tenant stores his personal property in garage below instead of vehicle. We need the personal property moved out so that we can have the necessary repairs made inside garage. Tenant expects us to pay for storage costs for his personal property while the garage is being repaired.  I searched California Civil Code and the Dept of Consumer Affairs website and cannot find a reference in the code that states who is responsible for the personal property. There are alot of answers to similar questions but law is never cited.

Was it the hot/cold water line, icemaker water line or drain p-trap? Were the lines/pipe exposed?
You are not responsible for damage to tenant's personal belongings. That's what renter's insurance is for.
This is what renters insurance is for. I would not cover any damages or storage. I always go over a broken pipe/flood and fire as examples of why tenants need renters insurance.
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