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tenant ended lease without release and property mgr did nothing

I have been served with a warrant in debt from a former tenant.  I have a property manager.  Situation is tenant was in home 1 year I was advised they had 1 dog and it was 2 adults.  months later property manager advised they have child too.  Would have prefered other prospective tenant ( 2 empty nesters who wanted to rent in area to see if they would retire) but Property mgr selected tenant B.  Tenant did several things against lease- shut off utilities so they reverted to me for billing, installed a dish type tv without permissionh(impersonated homeowner to get dish installed) , had a second dog without permission, did not upkeep lawn, did not clean vents and use filters, damaged floors, did not clean gutters and had ceiling leaks due to that.  Tenants broke lease without permission.  Property manager advised me after the fact.  Property manager had already re leased home without advising it was vacant.  Tenant b with held key and demanded money for key.  Property manager refused to call police or file eviction.  Now over 1 year later tenant B has filed a warrant in debt.  they have filed with court and have provided documents that they did not get all deposit back and want attorney fees too.....I never agreed to release, property manager will not answer if she issued release.  I have email from months before stating we would not agree to tenants leaving early we want the lease completed- tenant b had purchased a home.   1,  please help with what my options are

Yes, it sounds like this situation has escalated to the point where you do need an attorney.  There are bad property managers out there.
You need to talk with an attorney.
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