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Late Rent

Hello - I placed a tenant  January 2013.  The tenant was a risk (BAD credit, etc) but took a chance on said tenant.  My rent agreement is that Rent is due on the 1st, and after the 3rd calendar late fees of 10% ($240) to be assessed.  She has not paid for the month of February (which would be her 1st rent other than initial deposits, rents, etc.). I left her a voice and text message stating I was in the area and I would be able to drive by and collect the rent.  No response from her.  If she does not pay by tomorrow, what is my next step.   Is it a pay or quit notice? Then if she continues non-payment to start the eviction process?  Since this is really her first month rent was due payable, I'm ready to get her out sooner than later.  Thank you.
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