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Tenant had carpet cleaned and dog damage

  My current tenants broke the lease.  Lucky for them I had new tenant who wanted to move in right away, Getting them off the hook for paying the rent while the house was vacant, as the lease states.  Current tenants were not allowed to have any pets. But when I got in the house, it was clear that they had had dogs and the place reeks like dog urine.  New tenants don't want to move it now because of it.  Current tenant had the carpet cleaned at their own expense before moving out, obviously because they were trying to cover the smell.  I am not planning on returning their security deposit because of the broken lease. Question is do I need to pay the $140 they spent on the carpet cleaning.  They had told me they were having the carpet cleaned, but I never said I would pay.  I especially don't want to now, after I see what they've done to the carpets. But I believe in the state of Nevada, that I am not allowed to charge the tenant for carpet cleaning.  So question is, can I take their full security deposit or do I need to give them back $140?   

You need to fix the damaged carpet and take the cost of fixing it out of their security deposit.  If they chose to clean the carpets, that was their choice especially if you did not mandate it.
Agree with Dawn. You did not ask them to clean the carpet they made the decision to clean it on their own which does not require you to reimburse the cost.
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