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30 days notice

I hope someone can help me out with the following issue I am having.    I recently purchased a rental property.  The house was in my name as of Feb 04.  There is a tenant living in the home month to month.  I spoke to him and he was not happy about me raising the rent, so he asked for his 30 day notice.  When I presented him with a pro-rated rent payment for February, he replied with "We are moving and according to our Realtor we get a 30 days notice to be out, I am sorry, but we don't have any lease or anything with you we just need our 30 day notice and we will be gone"  I did not receive his last moth rent from the previous landlord as the house was in short sale and there was no last month rent.  Now the question is, can he live the last 30 days for free?  What can I do legally to get him to pay or get out ASAP.  Your help is appreciated in advanced.
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