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drug use by tenant

Can we call the police if we believe there are drugs being used and/or sold on the premises? What about if they change the locks without permission?

If they violate your lease, and especially for drugs, then yes you can evict them.  Just be sure to do it properly.  If you call the police, and depending on the type of drugs (a little pot versus a meth lab) the police can bust down the door.  Then you don't have to worry about not having the keys, you just replace the whole door.
I had a similar issue with a tenant. I work with the police and flagged my own property to them with what I was suspecting.  I provided the police with the information they asked for and worked with them to deal with the problem tenant.  Thankfully I got the tenant to move out without having to go to the expense of evicting them, by simply being on top of all the violations I saw.   I simply made sure I enforced the rules and didn't let anything slide and they eventually decided that was enough of that and moved on.
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