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Landlord died

my landlord committed suicide in December 2012. I have not paid rent since then. Finally in June 2013 i received notice of my place going up for auction to the highest bidder on Sept 10, 2013. what happens to me after Sept 10th? how long do i have to vacaat. do i get my security deposit back? is it possible they would have to pay me cash for keys? i love my house i wish i didnt have to leave but maybe i dont depending on the buyer
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the property will head into foreclosure and there will be a new owner, either a third party that bought the property at auction or the bank that now owns the property. You might have a few scammers knocking on your door saying they own the place and you need to pay them rent. Please be careful make sure you only pay rent once a month and to the correct person. You might also try to get a lease agreement signed with the current owner and then record the lease on the title, therefore you will be notified when something is going on with the property and in case the property goes back to the bank and the bank tries to evict you and takes you to court you have a lease agreement and you can show the judge. Hopefully the judge will side with you and agree that the new owner has to honor the remainder of the lease agreement. I think the leases are only valid for 12 months.
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