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Requirements of renting a room in California

I have someone wanting to rent a space in my house.  It is a room on the otherside of the house with a carpet and a door.  It is about 150 sq/ft with two windows.  I don't want to share my bathroom in my master bedroom, so they have to go outside the house. Then walk through the front door and use the other bathroom where the rest of the bedrooms are located.  Of coarse, they have full kitchen and bathroom access and privliages.  Is this legal situation to draw up a contract under theses conditions in the State of California?
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Hmmm I am not sure about that one. Walking outside to then walk inside seems a bit odd. Like in the middle of the night, brrr that would be chilly. I suppose if they agree to it. You  may want to double check your local laws to be sure.
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