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WI- Tenant changed locks and refuses to give key.

My tenant changed the locks and has been avoiding giving me a key.  I have told him numerous times that I want to come and do an inspection of the house.  Each time he says he will provide a key but does not.  I have just sent a letter to him of an intent to enter (by email).  I sent by email because he travels for work, and I know he reads the emails daily.  I have numerous text message conversations of my sufficient notice to enter.  What do I do if I still do not have a key by the date of intent to enter?  Legally am I allowed to break the locks or get a locksmith?
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You can bring a locksmith, change the locks and notify the tenant of when/where to pick up the new keys.  You can bill him for the change if your rental agreement had the non-standard clause in it about changing locks.  Also there is a legal blog about Wisconsin rentals you might find useful.
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