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Deduct broker fee's from security deposit?

Hello everyone. Here's my question. I live in the state of Maryland and my tenant signed a one year lease that is set to expire in January. She recently became engaged and has now moved out and is living with her fiance. She is still paying rent  until either her lease expires or I find another tenant. She has also been very proactive in attempting to find a tenant replacement since she's still on the hook for the rent. Due to my busy schedule I am working with a real estate agent to do credit checks, showings and rental applications. I know that I am allowed to deduct the fee's that I've incurred in advertising my rental from her security deposit, but am I legally allowed to deduct the agents fee's from her security deposit as well?
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Shannon, You have to check your lease. In most cases you can deduct the cost of 'finding a new tenant' which often involves a realtor, magazine, online and news ads, etc. If your lease does not address this, you might run into a problem trying to charge for it.
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