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tenant move out but still have some stuffs and not return key

I have a tenant who did not pay me the rent since March, 2013. She just moved out on Sunday 6/30/13 but still have few things (fan, old table, chair and garbage all over in the apartment). She does not return the key and she wants me pay her deposit back. What should I do? Can I change the lock and move the rest of her stuffs out side? She is no longer live there and moved to other place.
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Write a notice to your tenants, then store the property. Give enough information about the property so that the possible owner can identify it. Tell the tenant or other possible owner receiving the notice the place where the property may be claimed. Give the tenant or other possible owner a deadline after which time the property cannot be claimed. A tenant who is evicted under a writ of possession has 15 days after the landlord takes possession of the rental unit to pay reasonable costs of storage and to take possession of items left in the rental unit
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