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Valid contract???

I prepared a lease through EZ forms.  The "tenant" signed the lease and proceeded to move in.  I have not signed the lease or given him a copy.  Since he has moved in, it has been drama every day.  He is an alcoholic and his friends are alcoholic also.  He was told we did not want drinking in the house, so he is hiding his vodka.  My son is in recovery and this is a disaster waiting to happen.  He has only been in the house for four days.  The deal was that he would rent a ROOM.  Currently he has 12 boxes sitting in the hallway, the dining room, etc.    We have told him to look for something else.  The lease is month to month.  Am I obligated to let him stay for the entire month?  He has paid his rent and a security deposit.  I am going to offer him a refund if he gets out now.  Any thoughts?
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Traditionally a tenant does not move in, nor is rent paid until a lease is signed. If the tenant does not move out as asked, then you will need to proceed with an eviction. It's the only way to remove a tenant legally, when they wont vacate.
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