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Listing our House before Lease is Finished

Can anyone help me with this?  We used the ezlandlord form for our lease, and I can't find anything on there about if we can list our home before the lease is up.  The tenants are signed on until October 1 2013, and we'd like to list this spring now that our market has bounced back to where we need it to be.  Are we legally OK to list, and if it sells, what are the terms for them to move out?  Any advice is helpful, thank you!
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You can certainly list it, and if it sells, the new owners take over the lease until October 1, 2013.  Once that lease is over, the tenants can move out and the buyer can move in.  Or, you can offer "cash for keys" meaning give the tenants a cash payout in order for them to break their lease. But they don't have to agree to that.
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