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leasing in Michigan

Do you have to register your property with the city or state office, to become a landlord ?. Or can you just rent your property to anyone that will sign your agreement.

Contact your local housing department, check out your city website... the info should be located there!
Yes--at least in Lansing. You'll need to file a Rental Registration Form ($400), and schedule a City Inspection ($240). More than likely, the City Inspector will make you get specific Inspectors (Plumbing, Electrical, etc.) to inspect the house and all appliances. You'll have to pay for permits too. It cost me about $2400 between fees, permits, inspections and required code compliance changes to get my place approved. DON'T schedule an appointment with the City Inspector until you are ready--you only have 30 days to get the place up to code if there are violations, or the city can charge you up to $500 a day until the rental in in compliance. Good luck!
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