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Ending Lease early with co-tenants

Hello  We have a single dwelling rental and recently leased it to two tenants (as co-tenants/roommates). The lease is for a one year, we are only 3 months into the lease. There has been growing hostility between Tenant A and Tenant B. We (landlords) met with both of them in person on 08/26/13 and Tenant A strongly suggested that she wished to be released from the lease.  At the meeting, it was discovered that Tenant A also had one additional dog (only one was permitted on the original lease) and when questioned about drug use revealed that she has a medical marijuana card and that YES she was smoking both in and out of the house (lease states NO SMOKING).  Additionally, we learned that Tenant A is also now unemployed.  All parties agreed at the meeting that Tenant A would be out of the house by end of business 08/31/13 and that Tenant B would resume the lease as a single mother with a minor child and pay the difference in security and cleaning deposits that would be returned to Tenant A.  In the days since, we prepared an amendment to the lease releasing Tenant A and having Tenant B assume the lease. Tentant A now refuses to sign the document AND refuses to MOVE.  Tenant B is concerned about the marijuana smoking around her minor child.  Any advice on the proper legal steps forward. Thanks Tony McMillen
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They can be held responsible for for the smoking, and as for a medical card you may want to report it to see if they indeed have a valid madicinal card.  And an Eviction form can be presented to them.
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