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Squatters in Alabama

I have a couple that moved into my deceased fathers home on a forged lease agreement. I live in Florida and had agreed to rent the home to them at a discounted price due to knowledge of them "knowing" and being my dads "friends" and was assured by the father of said couple that the property would be well maintained and no issues with rental amount, security and pet deposits. I have been lied to countless times and I told them that they are living there illegally because I myself, as the Estate Administrator and also the home being willed to both me and my brother, have not given them a legally binding lease with BOTH, their signatures and of course mine. They feel that since I sent a rough draft to them via email to correct and add any personal information then to send back to me was the actual lease. Then the father took it upon himself to go to this website (I believe) and create a lease, had them sign it and my signature was signed electronically......ILLEGALLY... They moved in with a key I had provided to the father to "watch over my home" since I lived 500+ miles away. Just as another neighbor has a key to the property. I informed them by text and phone calls that they were not to have moved into the home until all monies were paid in full; therefore they were living there illegally. In addition, they decided amongst themselves that they would reduce the security deposit on their own AND since the deposits to switch over the utilities into their names were so high, that they would just leave them in my deceased fathers name. I have given them multiple chances to make good on the monies, but I am near the end of my rope with these people. They are in there illegally, correct??? And what are my options in this particular situation

You need to hire an attorney.
Cynthia Magliozzi is not the owner of this property.  It belonged to her father who recently passed away.  This property is tied up in an probate situation.  There is an active lease on this property, but Cindi M had the utility companys lock out all utilities.  This poor couple is haveing to live in the home without utilities until their attorney can get it straightend out with the probate court.  Everyone in this neighborhood hates this woman.  She is trying to perpatrate a fraud on her brother who is in prison. Witnesses are lined up here waiting for a court date to help defend the renters of this property.
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