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Eviction of a week to week paying lodger

With no written only verbal agreement I need to evict this lady from my house. I told her before she moved in I was a clean person and I like every thing to stay clean and that hasn't happen . I have to clean up after her and throw her trash away and she doesn't clean the restroom tolet when she makes a mess im so tired of cleaning after. She is messing with the air conditioning control after I told her not too and had to put a box on it to keep her out my electric bill has not been under 172.00 since she has moved in. She pays weekly. She had a fit about the block on the air conditioning control and told me she wasn't paying rent and I told her she would have to move out and she said no that she can stay at my house for 30 days and nothing I could do. She is costing me to much money to live in my house which I only rented one bedroom to her and she has taken over my whole house now . She theaten me yesterday telling me she would pay someone 150.00 dollars to destroy my home and I would never find her. Now im scared of what she might do to my home. I need help to get her out as soon as possible please tell me what I can do Thanks and remind you she is a lodger she rents a room out of my house I live in.
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If a tenant does not pay rent, a 3 day “Notice to Quit” shall be issued before the landlord may file for formal eviction proceedings. - ALSO, log any communication you have with her and take pictures of any evidence. This way, if you take her to court you have proof.
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