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Day Care by Tenant in Rental

What are some precautions I should have in regards to a tenant requesting permission to conduct business (Child Day Care) from our rental?  Do I reserve the right as owner to deny the request?    If I would honor her request, should I be getting any addiitonal liability insurance or have her sign a legal doc giving all responsbility to her?  Please provide any details, answers or personal experiences.  I wanted to look into this forum before contacting my attorney  Thanks
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Sara as the owner you have a right to say no to tenant conducting business of any kind from your home. I would caution you to make sure tenant has the proper license to do business and ask what government entities will be involved and planning to inspect your property. They may require changes be made that you are not in agreement with, etc. I would speak with the insurance company about what additional insurance you need and make sure she has proper coverage. You should have an agreement drawn up outlining what is required. Also, please definitely contact your attorney.
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