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Using GAP to pay 1st month + security

Prospective tenants were offered apartment @$1,200/m with 1st month + one month security due before moving in. Employment & salary were verified for both, as were other references. Upon offering the apt. tenant stated he wanted lease or written document from owner because they wanted to use GAP (Gov Ass't Program) to cover 1st month & security. We want to know if there's any counter indication to this and if we as owner will have any additional responsibility or liability if he uses GAP for payment.

I would gather their GAP information and contact them(GAP) directly to let them know that you are the landlord and you will accept the payment if it is allowed by their system.  As for the tenants are they in a bad financial situation to be using this? and all of their financial info passed correct?
If they cannot pay it the first month, but rely on the state, what about the second month?   Few assistance(s) last for long time spans.  And to any tenant, priority will go to food & children & clothing & transportation, etc., etc. before the rents.  So you'd wind up on toward the bottom of their priority lists.  That's when the troubles begin.
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