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Registered Sex-Offender Issue

I am a landlord and have been leasing a home to a young lady (that houses her, her sister, and her sister's daughter) for the last 6 months. They've paid on-time and I've had no issues with them. Some friends of ours in the neighborhood we are leasing this house at, informed us today that my tenant seems to have a young man (presumably her boyfriend) who stays over the house. Not that big a deal for me, but nonetheless, they never mentioned him at the time of lease signing. on top of that, he is a registered sex-offender. Some of the acquaintances of ours in the neighborhood who told us this news are showing some concern and asking what we're going to do about it. What sort of legal provisions can I take to rectify this situation without overstepping my bounds as a landlord?
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If he is staying over the amount of time a guest stays, I would discuss with her putting him on the lease. From then, you can do a background check and bring it to her attention that he is a registered sex offender, rather then it be by hear-say.
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