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Security deposit and damages

I was recently sued in small claims court by my tenant for their deposit back.  There was extensive damage to the unit and due to that I could not assess the total damage within the 14 day window.  I verbally told the tenant that.  I also filed a counterclaim for the damages.  The court awarded the defendant their security deposit back because I did not meet the 14 day window in writing, but also awarded me the counterclaim (which is in excess of the security deposit), but stated that I was required to give the tenants deposit back.  How do I ensure I receive this money back on the counterclaim?  I'm concerned I'll never see it.  Can I attach it somehow?
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Just be sure you have all records, receipts and proof of the damages and repairs. If you win the counter claim they will have to pay or they will be arrested and summoned to court.
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