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Three months behind in rent

My tenant has been jerking my chain to long.  It is over being nice. He keeps telling me the money is coming and then it never comes.  I am now ready to evict and move on.  He is not returning my calls.  I also need to put the rental sign back in the yard.  Susan - Oviedo, FL

Was there a question here?  You really need to put a policy in place to serve a notice to pay or quit on day 10 at the most and evict thereafter.
Yes, I am sorry there was a question.  I served a 3 DAY NOTICE FOR FAILURE TO PAY RENT ON 1-23-2014.  Do both parties on the lease agreement have to acknowledge on this document?  I always deal with the husband and never the wife.  He does not let me deal with her, always him.  If so, I guess I will have to serve it again, but she is never at the house.  When I served the notice on 1-23-14, I had a witness with me from the Winter Springs Police station. Susan M
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