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Agent for landlord

My husband owned a rental property before we married. I showed the unit and dealt with the people who rented the home. I have always been the one who talked to them about everything. Now they have not paid rent. She is saying she doesn't have to acknowledge anything I say or any notices to pay that I have sent her because I am not her landlord and I did not sign the lease with her. Since we are legally married can I act as the landlords agent without a signed contract? Our rental property in in Georgia. Can I file the eviction paperwork or does my husband have to? Thank You
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The best way to do this would be to have the landlord send a notice of change in property management  which puts you as acting Landlord. That is the proper and legal way to do so, and it is the right of the landlord to appoint an agent whether or not your name was even on the list.
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