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tenant painted a natural wood cedar wall

Tenant, the first week, painted a natural rough cut cedar wall without permission . Contractor quoted $1700 to restore. I have only $1400 deposit and 11 months to go. Tenants claims he did not "damage" property so he is not legally obligated.   Can I keep full deposit for this? I have a no paint modification clause in lease. It is the ezlandlord lease.   Can i collect more deposit money to cover any potential future issue. The damage is already above my deposit. I am in ny
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Yes in your lease it may also be stated that they cannot paint without permission. So yes you can keep for the damages and make it clear to them the value of the cedar. Show them costs, the trouble here is that you have 11 months left. So you want the tenant to take care and still enjoy the property without the tension so you will need to figure out how to handle this and keep good spirits.
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