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Can I enter a room under any circumstance??

Hello,  I am renting a room in my house to someone.  Before they moved in i told them I work from home, it has to be quiet when im at home and working.  At first everything was good then she got a dog and she would leave him in her room when she was at work.  When she worked at 7am, the dog would almost immediately start barking nonstop, no matter what I did.  One time i let the dog out of her room so he wouldnt bark and scratch my door, and she went crazy.  We talked about the issue, and came to an agreement a week ago that when im at home she'll leave the dog in my room, if im not at home she'll leave the dog in her room.  This morning she worked at 7am, and once again the dog was barking in her room nonstop.  She didnt put the dog in my room as we've agreed, and as she's done for the past week.  So i let him out into my room.  When i told her she went crazy, saying i cant enter her room.  All i did was open the door so the dog could get out.  My question is:  When you rent out a room are there any circumstances when you can enter the room?  Is opening a door to let a dog out considered entering a room?  Did I break any laws??  I just wanted to get some sleep i didnt touch any of her stuff, just let the dog out per our agreement I thought we had.  Thanks
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Was there initially a lease signed? When you made the new agreement was that in writing also? This is a statement in most state as far as your right as a landlord to your tenant/lodeger: "Landlords have a right to enter areas occupied by lodgers if the landlord lives in the house with the lodger." from
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