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can I force access into rental property ?

I am in NY. I have a standard ezlandlord lease. It states I can get access to the property with 24hrs notice. My tenant has made alterations that go above the deposit of $1400 I am nervous. I want to take picture of the property to document and inspect more if alterations are not going on. I would like to inspect the house again in a few months. Can I give him 24 hrs and just walk in? Can I ask police to help? Do I need to ho to. Court?  Should I just evict them? Its just escalating.
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You do not need police or court . You have the right to go in after 24 hour notice is posted. Be sure to cover yourself by emailing, posting a physical notice and call and leave a message of your notice to enter. Then simply go and enter to do what you need to do to protect your property.  If they do not let you in or have changed or added locks that is a violation of the lease and you could evict. At this point you may want to get the court or check with them or the authorities to help guide you or be there when you enter the property.
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