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Unlawful City Inspections & Registergy

facing Landlords today with local cities trying to shut down signal family rentals with aggressive registering, inspecting, and harassing programs. I’m from Lancaster, Texas and our city council just started it here like some many other surrounding cites as a cash cow for the city and way to harass landlords and tenants which as the mayor told me they don’t want here. Seems like cities don’t care about people rights under the constitution when it comes to code enforcement. They will come into rental homes at will any time they want without reason, cause, or warrant then charging the landlord for the honor of doing it. Even me as landlord give my tenants advance notice and treat them like decent humans beings with respect. I think this is outrageous and we can’t stand by and let small city governments takeover our rights. If we don’t stop or fight it now what will they do next or the next council line us up against a fence and execute us all.  Please, help us by about this and your thoughts. How we can join together and maybe file a class action lawsuit or injunction? One voice might not get their attention but all of us might stop them.
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Anyone who is not the tenant on the lease may not enter the property with out the required minimum of 24 hours notice to the property unless there is illegal activity (proof of) or with a warrant or emergency. If they are they are breaking the law and violating you and your tenants rights . Get a Lawyer and spread the word on this, is this a specific Bill? This could trickle to other states if it goes through and is not good for anyone. When the government starts taking these liberties they are stealing ours. They do not even have the right to do this.
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