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Landlord/Tenant Releasing from lease

I live in the state of Maryland and I have a tenant that has been trouble from the start.  She moved in in October of 2014 and I'm releasing her from the lease May of this year.  She has not shown any signs of moving out.  I've been in the apt. 2 days before move out and nothing is packed.  If the tenant does not move out by 5 pm on the day she is suppose to move am i well within my rights to change the locks even if she has not moved her belongings out of the leased premises?  Thank you in advance for your help. TBest
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No you may not change the locks until you have gone through the full court eviction process. If you do you are violating the tenants right and breaking the law. Once the full eviction process is said and done with, and  if you need the authorities to remove the person then you can legally change the locks. Good Luck with the eviction!
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