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Attempted Suicide by tenant

What are my remedies and obligations if my tenant attempts suicide and leaves do not rescescitate note. 911 was called and broke in home to find her passed out and unresponsive. In hospital and will be moved to group psychiatric home upon release. What are my options and obligations so far as rent, lease agreement if  she still has four months remaining on lease. Can I give her 30 or 60 day notice, or can she? Please advise as I live in Texas. Thanks Bonnie G
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That sounds like an awful situation. I think technically the tenant is still legally bound to the lease agreement. She would have to pay for the remainder of the lease. If she has a power of attorney or a assignee they would be responsible for paying. You could end the lease early without requiring a notice or early termination fee. But that would be your discretion as the landlord.
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