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Question on Landlord Obligations to paint the interior of a Property

My question is on the obligations of landlords in Wisconsin on painting the inside of a property.  The renter has already moved in the property and lived there for a year.  He does not like the paint colors and is very upset and wants to move out because his wife is very unhappy about it.    Are there any legal forms for Wisconsin for the rights/obligations of the landlord/tenant in this situation?  Thanks!

It's standard that a landlord paints in between tenants. But since it has been a year and if they are only complaining about the actual color of the paint, it's a cosmetic thing, depending on the rules of your lease, they can paint it themselves but have to return it to white or prime it when they move out. You could also offer to paint as a renewal incentive. Although it seems like a silly reason to move out.
If good tenant make them happy & let them paint their color to repaint back if necessary before they move.  I find that as a landlord for almost 36 years that trends have changed & nice colors are in.  I had one that repainted & next tenant loved it & so we mutually agreed to leave it.  For one 16+ year plus tenant I bought the paint & let him do it.  Another lives in a house & he has upgraded the property amazingly.  He has good taste & was a previous home owner for years.  He pays for everything and I just enjoy the help & his attitude of wanting to maintain & upgrade my property.  AMEN
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