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Late Rent and Late Fees

I am having a problem with a tenant in Florida. She has not paid her rent which was due at midnight last night. I tried to give her a late rent notice in person this morning but she refused to accept it. She claims that she had her bank send me a rent payment on the 5th  (last Friday) but as of Monday morning I still have not received it. She sent me an strongly worded email showing thing the removal of funds from her account into my name dated the 5th. I feel that this is a issue between her and her bank and I should not be responsible for eithers mistake. I am not sure how to proceed at this point. Any suggestions?
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If it is over the weekend You may actually just need to wait there is not trouble if it is just a few days.  There should be a grace period. If you did get a bank statement that should be proof enough of payment.  You would need to however contact them if in 48 hours it does not clear. You can also contact their bank directly. If after that the bank does not submit the payment then carry out a late payment notice and demand for rent!
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