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carpeting in the rental unit

I would like to know if it is a law that carpets provided in a rental unit be professionally cleaned before next tenant OR can they be personally cleaned by the land lord?

This is all information that should be covered in the lease so that the tenant and landlord know what they are responsible for. If it is not noted then it would fall to the landlord responsibility. However, if the tenant destroys the carpet beyond normal wear and tear they can be and are responsible for any charges that the landlord pays for to cover the cost of repair, cleaning or replacement.

Might also be good idea to check law in your state, but I believe the legal life expectancy for carpet in a rental unit is 8 years.  After 8 years, I think the tenant is no longer responsible for replacement costs.

If the carpet was new when they entered into the lease and in need of replacement because of excessive staining, is the tenant responsible for the entire replacement of is it prorated for life expectancy of the carpet?

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