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Restriction on bedroom sharing

I read online that Property Leasing offices cannot actually compel a tenant to restrict number of people sharing a bedroom. My family comprises of my spouse and a nine year old kid.  I need to know if there actually is any Federal / State law that I, as a tenant, am obliged to follow which mandates that me to rent a 2 BHK instead of 1 BHK for my family of 3 people.   I also read online that there are Federal guideline (not law) that not more than 2 people should share a bedroom.   Regards MGS
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There is a regulation in most states that is measures by square feet of the room to number of adult and children.  If the landlord is in a regulated state they and you the tenant must comply. Now they landlord cannot discriminate because there is an extra person in the family unless they were never aware of that occupant. You can be evicted if you have an occupant that was not written into the lease or that the landlord was aware or or had given approval .
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