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I have a disgruntled Tenant

I live in Oregon. I sent my tenant a rent increase notice and he reacted in a very rude manner, sending an inappropriate email, and just don't feel comfortable dealing/renting out to him anymore.   Even after sending the rent increase notice, is it okay to not renew the lease with him? The lease ends on Nov. 30th 2015.  The increased rent notice includes the option for month to month and for another full term.  Now he wants to choose the month to month and I don't want to continue that or lease to him for another full term. Can I do that?
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Yes you can demand move out and start an eviction. You will need to submit a 30 or 60 day notice and have the last day that they will be there on that notice. Also file this notice to the courts so that they know, and if you need to evict after this non-renewal notice do so
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