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TN Landlord must register ... Exception?

In the Rental Agreement Form, "Landlord forms assist" warns that Landlords in TN must register or face penalties. I wonder if this completely accurate.(?)  The Tennessee Landlord/Tenant Act states in "Section  66-28-107. Residential Landlord Registration", that that landlords must register.  Sections (A) and (B) outline the rules, requirements,penalties and basis for a hearing.  HOWEVER, section (c) states clearly that this "shall only apply to any county having a metropolitan form of government and a population in excess of five hundred thousand (500,000), according to the 2000 federal census or any subsequent federal census."  The county in which I own rental property has a population of approx 165,000 according to the latest census. Therfeore I believe this section exempts me from having to register ... correct?
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The way that reads is that if your county or local city is under a certain number of people then yes you would be exempt. How ever if you really are not certain of the law contact your city municipality/L&I they will let you know immediately.
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