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Tenant and deposit return

I have a unit that I just rented 10 days ago.  the tenant was very anxious to rent and posted the deposit within two days, signed the 1 year lease and i thought everything was good.  The lease period was to begin on March 1, but I was letting her move some of her things in a couple of days early.  Now, today (Feb 27) she emails me telling me that she does not have a good feel about the unit, she does not like the BRAND NEW WOOD FLOORING and is requesting out of her lease.  She would like her deposit back.  Legally, do I have to return the deposit--since the lease was not truly active, even though I had let her move her things over early?  Now, I am back to looking for a renter.....and have a vacant unit....  any thoughts?
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This is a weird situation, and a good sign to switch the keys for the deposit quick and release the tenant out ASAP. This will help you in the long run, cut ties and accept the losses. This kind of tenant seems like they may be a nuisance. Make sure you get the keys back and sign an agreement of release. Good Luck!
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