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Termination of Lease (WA)

I rented (leased) our house out in Aug 2011 for one year with an auto renewal. Can I now give notice to vacate because we want to move back and retire there. Or do I have to wait until Aug 2015 to give our renters notice?? Thanks, JimH owner.

If the lease is renewed as a month- to - month lease then all you need to do is give the proper 30 day notice. Most auto renews tend to be m2m but you must check the wording of your original lease. If it is renewed for a full term and you wanted out now you would be breaking the lease. What you would want to do so that you are not held responsible for anything out of the regulation term requirements, would be to get a mutual termination of lease. This you and your tenant can draw up terms on parting ways!
Thanks for the the info.
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