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At which point in can I start an eviction process in the state of Wisconsin? The customer never switched over the utility. I send a letter for the month of September now October has posted and it is still not been corected. I did state in teh lease they were responsible.  They have a pet I did not authorize? They paid their 2nd month's rent 18 days late. They have a tenant living there that is not listed on the lease.   At which point do I have enough to put them in violation and how many notices do I have to provide before I start the process?  Your help is very my appreciated, thank you.

If they did not follow the lease agreement you are able to send them the form for your state to start the eviction process. I would send over either the notice to vacate, or the Cure or Vacate. Which ever of your choosing. I think that because you said no pets and they violated that you are able to start the eviction process. Wish you the best of luck. Its a rough process to go through!
Are they on a month to month lease or a year lease?  (I am a landlord in WI.)
I can't help you with Wisconsin..... However in Georgia....  Any violation of the lease is grounds for eviction (make sure you have a good lease).   Here we can do it on line.  The Landlord initiates, pays a fee of $75 to $100.   Within seven days the Sheriffs dept will post on their door and/or mail them a certified letter stating reason for eviction.  The tenant has 7 days to respond to the court.  If no response, I receive a judgement for them to vacate immediately.  However if contested.... a court hearing is set up within 7 days.   At the hearing I have presented my case, received a monetary judgement and an immediate notice to vacate.  Getting them out isn't a problem, trying to enforce the monetary judgement is and of course the damages they leave behind for being forcefully evicted.  Always call law enforcement .  I am currently being charged with battery for allegedly hitting a tenant.  Always have your own witness when dealing with a potentially explosive situation......   Hope this helps....   Mark
Yes they have a 1 year lease that was signed on September 1. Your input Dawn is very much appreciated, thank you.
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