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I live in an apartment complex where I believe my privacy rights are being violated. The apartment I live in is just 6 feet from the  elevator. The entry door of my apartment provides such a poor sound barrier that when people are waiting for the elevator and holding a normal conversation I can hear every word they say and they can also hear any conversations in my unit as if the door was totally open. If that wasn't bad enough, just this week, the management installed two  surveillance cameras outside the two elevators that service the building. One is just 3 feet from the front of my door and both have a clear view of my entry door. I had asked the leasing office manager if they were video only or are they equipped to pick up sound as well. She said they did not pick up sound. I had struck up a conversation with the installer and he flat out showed me the work order and pointed out that these units are exactly the same that have been in place since I moved in on the first floor that monitors the main entrance and they have audio. She had flat out lied to me. Here is my big issue. Those cameras, and there is no doubt the closest one will pick up conversations inside my apartment clear as a bell. I can't do ANYTHING without it being heard by staff from maintenance to managers.  I believe they have a right to protect their interest of the property, but I am certain I have the right not to have everything from normal conversations to my sex life recorded and available for anyone that works there. What can I do short of moving?

If they are outside of your unit you may not be able to do anything however if your privacy is in danger of being violated you can ask to be released from the lease. If you can prove that they do indeed have audio they cannot hold you to it. I would one start looking for a new apartment and two talk to management and call them out on the audio recording, let them know that they will be reported.
No, i do not believe this is legal. Where are these audio devices? In the lobby or halls or in the ACTUAL RENTAL UNIT?
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