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Guest stay

RE: Relatives staying with tenant Which application is appropriate for a non-relative (guest) to fill out? I created an addendum for a "guest stay" after the original lease was signed and now one tenant is refusing to accept the addendum. Any ideas? In Kentucky I understand that a landlord has the right to add constraints to a lease as long as they are "reasonable". Is arbitration required?

How long is the guest staying? You would want to set the grounds for this often times people have "Guests" stay for the term of the lease and this can be problematic if they are not written on the lease and you would want to make an addendum and have their name on the lease so that they can be held responsible for their actions.
My leases specify that the tenants can have guests up to 5 days with notification to the landlord. Any persons staying longer than 5 days are no longer a guest, but a tenant, and must fill out an application, have a background check, be approved, and sign a lease addendum.  Failure to comply with this is breaking the lease.
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