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potential new tenant

Currently I have four qualified applicants and I have to make the decision on who to rent to.  I have no idea how to choose and what to say to people who are not chosen and not to get myself into legal trouble.  I like them all. Do I pick a name from a hat? I live in Connecticut

Ok biggest point, do not refuse with any discriminatory reasons. Other than that usually simply saying "I have selected another tenant who was more qualified, but thank you for your interest." will suffice. I also like to try to help other tenants out, who did not make the cut. I have a number of units that all have close contract dates and I notify the tenants that "there are other properties of mine will soon be available, I can keep you notified if you are still interested." The idea is sales, not denial.  If there is any way to keep another viable tenant, do it. Even if you have a landlord friend that may have a rental, pass them along and the tenant will thank you for helping them find a similar place.
Thank you and I guess that's my point - can I just like someone more than others and say the exact thing you said  "i have selected...." but can one of the denied three or all request to know how I made my decision? Can someone claim to be more qualified because of higher earnings for example? I am new to this and don't want to screw up. Can I pick the least qualified person out of the four (still with good credit and all) because I just like the person a little more without being accused of whatever?
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